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Leeza Gibbons: Mom on a Mission

Like many moms, media personality Leeza Gibbons kicks off her morning early. “It starts at 6:15 when I start getting the three kids up,” Gibbons says. “Anyone who hasn’t tried to wake up two teenagers doesn’t know what frustration really is! My [son], Nathan, is usually awake before I am.”

Gibbons takes the kids to school and begins the second part of her morning – recording her radio shows, Leeza At Night and Hollywood Confidential, which are syndicated on more than 100 stations. After that, she goes to work for the nonprofit Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation, which she founded in 2002 after her mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Other days she works on developing items for her line of scrap-booking products, Leeza Gibbons Legacies, which was set up to generate funds for the foundation, as was her new book, Scrapbooking Traditions (Meredith Books, 2005).
Leeza Gibbons-A Mom on a Mission with Makeup

Then it’s back to school to pick up the kids. “We wade through what seems like mounds of homework before having dinner together, usually all around the table at the same time, if only for 15 minutes!” Gibbons says. “There are weeks where it seems almost organized, but most of the time it’s like navigating in the dark trying to balance on a log floating in a rough sea!”

In trying to find this balance, Gibbons realized that women needed simpler solutions for looking good while trying to get it all done. “I used to crank the rear view mirror around right after dropping the kids off at school to check my make up and be horrified,” she says. “Often I would see streaking … and a color that isn’t found in nature glaring back at me on my face!”

Leeza Gibbons-A Mom on a Mission with MakeupEnter her makeup line, Sheer Cover. “Sheer Cover allows women to be empowered and confident, knowing that the way they face the world is flawless,” she says. “I can’t tell you how many stories I hear from women who share with me the way Sheer Cover gave them their confidence back after struggling with blotchy skin, acne and uneven skin tone.”

Gibbons says it’s a look that is at once glamorous and natural. “I use it on camera and when I’m just at home with the kids. It takes just a couple of minutes and I’m out the door,” she says. “We don’t want to be slaves to our makeup mirrors. I love being a girl as much as anybody, but I’ve got things I want to do, love to give and worlds to conquer. I believe you’ve gotta’ know where you’re going and look good when you get there!”

After the excitement of photo shoots, meetings at school and publicity tours, Gibbons would rather be at home with the kids. “Motherhood is the lens through which I see the world. It colors everything I do,” she says. “I think our experience as women is all about how we can feel better and stronger so we can give more. I always used to balk at the flight attendant’s verbiage when he or she would say in the event of loss of cabin pressure, ‘Put on your oxygen mask before helping anyone else.’ Now I get it. Our role as CEOs of our families requires that as job No. 1 we nourish ourselves physically, spiritually and emotionally.”