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Editor’s Letter: My Spanish Kitchen Awaits

Dear readers,

For many of us, the kitchen is the center of the home. We not only prepare meals there, we also eat, clean and even entertain in this important space.

My dream home includes a Spanish-style kitchen. Earthy colors enveloping the senses, durable tile underfoot and fragrant aromas wafting throughout convey a warmth and coziness that few could resist. I imagine little footsteps padding along terra cotta floors, family and friends congregating in the inviting space.

I envision throwing glamorous parties with delectable food and decadent drinks artfully arranged upon granite countertops. I see colorful pottery basking on the center island and copper pots gleaming on the stove.

The best part about my dream is that it can become reality. With some ideas from European Homes & Gardens, I know I will have my airy Spanish kitchen someday soon!

In this issue of European Homes & Gardens, we explain the usefulness and beauty of an herb garden, illustrate the influence of Greece and see sensational layouts of the latest trends in home design.

Enjoy summer in your home and garden!