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Dayna Devon: Hollywood’s Baby Boom

As anchor of the celebrity news program Extra, Emmy-award winning journalist Dayna Devon is usually the one interviewing famous faces about their roles in the Hollywood baby boom. Recently the tables turned as Devon discovered she is expecting her first child, due in September, 2005.

A native of Texas, Devon and her husband, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken, are thrilled to be part of this growing group of Hollywood elite who realize the importance of family. “I do think there is a baby boom in Hollywood and in the rest of the country,” Devon says. “But I also think that our perception of pregnancy has changed, so women in Hollywood are more visible than they used to be. Instead of disappearing for nine months living in housecoats, Hollywood women revel in their pregnancy and are bold about showing their bump.”

Which is not to say that it’s easy to grow a belly in a culture obsessed with being thin. “Being pregnant and watching your body grow larger is definitely one of the most difficult things I’ve done,” Devon says. “Because we stand up all the time on our show, finding a flattering outfit from head to toe is quite difficult and you can’t wear black every day.”

Dayna Devon-Hollywood's Baby Boom Just got a Little Bigger

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why she and her hubby joined forces to make their pregnancy a healthy one. “Brent watches me like a hawk,” Devon says. “He makes sure I eat right, sends me to bed when I need rest, and makes sure I work out every day. He calls it ‘Brent’s Boot Camp.’ If I want to go out to dinner he makes me walk to the restaurant. I walked over 20 miles this past weekend. If I complain he says, ‘This is not Brent’s Boo Hoo Camp, this is Brent’s Boot Camp.’ I never dreamed any man would be this involved in his wife’s pregnancy. He never wants to miss a thing!”

Dayna Devon-Hollywood's Baby Boom Just got a Little Bigger
Devon’s diet has changed, too. “My first trimester was a dream,” she says. “I could eat anything and everything – and I did! I did, however, feel like dry heaving at the sight of chicken. I also tend to be anemic so I have incorporated more spinach and green vegetables into my diet. I started eating better when I realized my diet was not just about me any more but also about the health of another human being. But don’t get me wrong – I will claw your eyes out to get a cupcake out of your hand!”

Pregnancy has brought certain surprises as well. In addition to, ahem, excessive urine output, Devon noticed an increased need to sleep. “I start speaking in tongues if I don’t at least get a nap every day,” she says.

Devon’s birth plan includes pain medication, a private room at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles and even a celebratory glass of champagne after she gives birth. But she has no plans to take childbirth preparation classes. “My dog, Sophie, didn’t take any classes and she had 12 puppies. I’m just having one,” she says. Afterward, she plans to breastfeed and return to work within six weeks.

Devon’s excitement over becoming a mother is hard to contain. “I’m looking forward to what I think will be the greatest love affair of my life,” she says. “I’m looking forward to loving my husband even more than I already do, as I watch him transition into this new role. I’m looking forward to learning more from my daughter than she will learn from me. I’m looking forward to seeing my priorities shift, and re-learning what is important in life.”