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Moms In Business Magazine

I’m so honored to be the covermom for the October 2011 issue of Moms in Business magazine! It’s published by the National Association for Moms in Business (MIBN), the leading national association representing the 15 million executive, entrepreneur and CEO moms.

MIBN started in 2003 to provide a voice, empowerment, education and relationship building for moms in business. MIBN reaches out to 500,000 moms in business through various marketing channels and partners to help moms in business come together with one voice and make a difference for all business moms in legislation, education, networking and business growth.

“It is our passion and mission to make sure all business moms succeed,” says Gina Robison-Billups, founder and CEO of MIBN, who has spent much of her career supporting, educating, serving and representing the needs of business moms.

Thank you, Gina, and thank you, MIBN, for all you do for moms in business. I am grateful for your support, and look forward to more good things ahead!

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