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Wired + Inspired

I’m feeling particularly Wired today. Not wired as in electronically connected to a computer system (wireless all the way, baby), and not even wired as in overly-caffeinated (holding strong to my coffee detox – haven’t had any for weeks).

The wired I’m referring to is’s slang definition: tense with excitement or anticipation; edgy.

I love that definition, and I think it’s an awesome way to start a new week. It’s like you’re on the brink of something spectacular that you’re not quite sure will happen, but you’ve got the edge within you to push it over the finish line. It’s also worth noting that “pumped-up” is considered a synonym of wired. How cool is that? So without sounding too much like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’m feeling a bit pumped at the moment.

Why? Because of my second word, Inspired. I woke this morning feeling especially inspired by various projects swirling around my busy world. Sometimes it seems like too much, and I wonder if I can get it all done. But today, I feel inspired by a couple key tasks that I not only want to achieve this week, but that I know I will achieve. And that feels great.

However long your list, try to hone in on the items that make you feel Wired + Inspired. I’m guessing those are the ones you’re more likely to accomplish, which will make this a truly fantastic week for you.

So, how are you feeling??

6 Responses to Wired + Inspired

  1. Thank you so much for this. I am having the worst possible day and you just made it a little brighter!! Have a great day!!

    • Thank you, Shannon, for visiting and for sharing! I’m sorry your day is not going well. Unfortunately, we all have days like that. Hopefully a little of the Wired + Inspired bug has bitten you and the rest of your day will feel better! Sending you positive energy, chica! :-)

    • Thanks for your kind words, Bernice. I appreciate you sharing your perspective on living the balanced life, something we all strive to do (and it’s not easy!). Have a great week!

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