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Waiting + Wondering

“You never know what’s around the corner, waiting for you. Each day is a gift to be opened. What will you unwrap today?”

Those were words I tweeted yesterday. Sick with a cold and feeling somewhat apprehensive about tasks yet to be completed, I was still filled with the sense that something positive was going to happen. As I went about the business of my day, going through various cold remedies and at least one full box of tissues, something good did happen.

I had been waiting, but not idly. Nearly every moment, I did something to further my progress toward resolution of one of my projects. But even while being proactive, the wait was frustrating. And just as I was wondering if it would ever happen, the last piece of the puzzle fell into place. It truly did feel like a gift I finally got to open.

But there were other gifts yesterday. They came in the form of “get well” wishes and loving words from family and friends near and far. When I woke up this morning feeling better, I could not attribute it solely to the vitamins I’ve been taking. I’m wondering if more credit goes to the power of positive energy that was directed my way from those who took the time to share a kind word with me.

So I thank you for the gifts you gave me, and continue to share, every day. Thank you for giving me the joy of unwrapping each email, text, Facebook post or tweet. I appreciate you so very much!

2 Responses to Waiting + Wondering

  1. Thanks, Chris! I appreciate you visiting and giving me your feedback. Every day, more progress, right? Have a great one!

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