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Social Media Connections

I’ve been focusing on social media to generate awareness about what I’m doing professionally. I’ve found that Twitter is an efficient (and fun!) way to share a message and grow a targeted audience. The ability to communicate instantaneously with global reach is exciting and powerful. It’s truly amazing how many people you can connect with in just a few keystrokes.

After using Facebook for years personally, I’ve turned my attention to it professionally. I set up a page where I’m starting to share what’s going on with my business life. But more than just a place to share that information, I’m finding it has almost more value in terms of what I can learn from others. As I peruse other people’s pages, I absorb what I like and dislike, I glean information I did not know or find out how to do things better, and I connect with people all over the globe with whom I may not otherwise have had a chance to know.

Wow! We’ve come so far since the dot-com boom days that felt like a whole new world. Today, again, is an exciting time of evolution and crazy growth and connections on our rapidly-shrinking planet.

Life is all about relationships. Personal and professional connections. I really enjoy how social media makes it easier than ever to initiate and cultivate relationships all over world, and even in my own backyard.

I hope you’ll drop by my Twitter and Facebook pages and decide to connect by “following” or “liking” them. Please let me know if you do so I can reciprocate!

4 Responses to Social Media Connections

    • Hi Gwen! Thanks so much for your comment. I agree, Facebook is a great place to take a deeper dive into topics and conversations. I look forward to checking out your page. Thanks for connecting with me!

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