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Becoming an Expert

Dr. Shannon Reece is a psychologist who shares strategies and tactics to help empower women in the competitive world of business. Each week, she asks a question of her women entrepreneur following and then publishes their responses on her blog.

Last week, she invited me to respond to her latest question: “What steps have you taken to become an expert in your niche?” I thought it was a great question, and was happy to contribute. You can read my response, along with several other fantastic replies from women entrepreneurs, by clicking here.

What Shannon found was insightful: Many entrepreneurs don’t try to be “Janes of all Trades” – rather, they strive to be experts within their particular niche. She concludes that, “The most common theme is the need to keep on learning. The moment you stop, is the moment you are no longer an expert.”

I couldn’t agree more, Shannon. Each day is an opportunity to grow – as a professional, as an expert, as a person! So be curious, keep learning and, most of all, keep growing!

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