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Top Twitter People of the Week

A big thank you to Tony Hastings at The Top 10 Blog for naming me one of his Top 10 Twitter People of the Week!

Tony searches for “amazing Twitter people” to feature on his blog and notes that, “the important thing is what they are bringing to Twitter, whether it’s facts, fun, friendship or inspiration.”

Here’s part of Tony’s review: “Elisa is just such a nice person to interact with on Twitter, RTs quotes and very supportive of others both on this account (@elisatalk) and as @30secondmom.”

I have found many fascinating folks to follow on Twitter because of Tony’s blog, which makes it even more of an honor to be selected for his People of the Week! Thank you, Tony, for the valuable service you provide. Even more thanks for giving me yet another reason for my Gratitude + Attitude! I am so grateful to you!

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