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Gratitude + Attitude

My Two Words of the day are Gratitude + Attitude. After realizing the need for the previous Two Words, Patience + Perseverance, the next day I woke up with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I had made it through a challenging few days, and for that, I was thankful. I then recalled everything else I had to be thankful for, starting with my three healthy children.

I took that grateful feeling and turned it into an Attitude of Gratitude for everyone and everything around me. I counted my blessings and remembered that even if I don’t achieve everything I want to achieve, I’m still completely blessed.

That mindset took a bit of the pressure off. Yes, the challenges are still there, but so are the blessings. I am grateful for all the “wonderful” in my life, and even for the challenges. Every time I overcome one of them, I become that much stronger, that much wiser, that much more able to Believe + Achieve.

Thank you for reading. I am grateful for you!

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