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Patience + Perseverance

Sometimes, it’s the little things that mean the most. For me, that can be as simple as a couple of words that resonate with impact and possibility.

I started the New Year with two words that summed up my thoughts about 2011: Believe + Achieve. Those two words are more than a mission – they are an attitude, a lens through which I view my world. I was pleasantly surprised by how much those words resonated with others, when I shared them in person and via social networks. Turns out many others also view – or resolve to view – the world through that same lens.

After a couple challenging days, I woke up this morning with two more words in my mind: Patience + Perseverance. They mean that even though not every day can feel like an Achieve + Believe type of day, if you swap in Patience + Perseverance, you will soon be back on track. Take a deep breath, hold on, keep the faith and you will get there.

So, whether used as a mantra or just a gentle reminder, Two Words are quite helpful to me. Whether I have two new words every day or not, I will share them with you. If you have certain words that resonate with you, I’d love to hear them – please share!

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