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Winning The Lottery

Thanks for wondering where I’ve been! It’s been a year of turning inward, doing research and really thinking about what I want to do next. I’ve been fortunate to have others interested in what I’m doing, and I’m enjoying various meetings with exceptional people. I’m truly grateful for all of the discussions I’ve been having.

As I think about the next move, I’m pretty excited about being able to follow my passion. I have discovered that it truly takes a love of what you do, coupled with hard work, to drive a successful venture.

The other day someone compared the acquisition of iParenting by Disney as “winning the lottery.” I know they meant well, but the reality of what happened had less to do with luck and more to do with an abundance of passion, determination, hard work, long hours, excruciating attention to detail (dare I call it “perfectionism”), education, experience and yes, some good timing. But it never would have happened if the labor of love hadn’t been there. So while I am thankful for the back-handed compliment, I also encourage others to not sit around and wait for “luck” to make it happen. It comes from within. Your drive and passion will enable you to win your own lottery.

And best of all, there’s no ticket required. Go for it! I know I will – again.

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